Friday, February 24, 2012


I am horribly behind in my blogging. My laptop crashed on me last week. Going without a computer for a blogger is beyond stressful. Not to mention school work that needs to get accomplished. I currently have a laptop on loan. Although I am grateful it is a DINOSAUR! Weighs a ton and won't take my camera SD card. Please be patient and hang in with me.... I promise to get posts and pics coming soon!

I thought I could at least post ONE of the student blogs I have in my stack. After all P.R. just wants to share about what he has learned during our Colony Storypath and Amazing Americans Reading unit. No pics! I think I can manage that one...even if it is two weeks late! (my fault-not his!)

This blog is about the colonies/colonist. the colonies were part English, Dutch, Swedish, and British. the colonies were founded in 1607. A famous American colonist I learned about was Benjamin Franklin, who was an inventor. He created the lightening rod and the Franklin stove. the Lightening rod made lightening not hit your house, and the Franklin stove heated your house.

The Revolutionary War started with the Boston Tea Party. The reason the war started was the colonist thought that the British were doing taxation without Representation. In the end, with the help from the French, the colonist won the war.

Thanks P.R. for sharing what you have learned so far. I can tell that reading and social studies have a great interest for you! Benjamin Franklin is one of the people I like to learn about too. I think he was a fascinating character in our history. I am curious if others think that the Boston Tea Party started the Revolutionary War or if the Boston Massacre was the catalyst? Chime in students if you have an opinion!

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