Friday, November 18, 2011

Demonstration Teaching-Here I Come

In January of 1999, I began to work for the public libraries here in Vancouver, WA. I loved being around books and being able to talk with other people who loved reading. Knowledge was everywhere, literally at your fingertips! Although I loved the library environment something was missing! When I got the job in the library at Marrion Elementary in 2007, I knew what it was-children! Hearing students talk, laugh, learn is invigorating. I knew that among these amazing humans is where I needed to be. I immediately began working on getting my B.A. in Elementary Education.

So now has come the time for me to put my education to good use. January 2nd I will begin my Demonstration Teaching. I am so lucky to have been placed at Marrion.I have such a heart for that community of students, teachers, and friends. Not only do I get to be at Marrion, but I get some truly amazing 5th-grader teachers to be my mentors, Mrs. Judd and Mrs. London. They are amazing people and even more amazing teachers. I know I will learn a lot for them.

Here comes the absolute best part of it-the students! I have the greatest class of students to work with. I have known many of them since they were 2nd graders. Over the years I have taught literature groups, been reading coaches, and helped them pick out some awesome library books. In fact, many of them made me a quilt poster of their favorite books, thanking me for inspiring them to read, when I left my library position last year. I cherish days like that and helps affirm how lucky I am to have these students in my life.
I am so excited to see what the next 12 weeks has in store for me. I know I will learn a lot, not only from my fabulous mentor teachers but the students as well. Of course, I hope they learn from me too!