Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

Over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher she is having a Linky Party. That is where other blogs do a similar post or idea and they link it to the blog hosting the party. That way you have one area full of ideas! This was a look at the life of a teacher, and I thought it would be here it goes~
5:50- I ask my 5 year old why he is waking up so early. Then begrudgingly crawl out of bed. I make the boy get dressed immediately because he tends to dawdle! L Check Facebook & let the dogs out.

6:00- The movement has woken up the toddler so we are all up. Change Diaper. Kiddos are crying for food. I make the boys breakfast (premade and frozen mini pancakes, 1/2 banana and Gogurt).

6:15- My alarm goes off. While the baby is secure in his chair I run to take a 5 minute shower. This 5 minutes of alone time is only if I am super lucky!

6:30- Get little one dressed because he most likely got breakfast all over himself. Change another diaper.

7:15- Grab packed lunch, work bag, tot's diaper back (checked to make sure I didn't forget wipes or diapers), and tell the oldest to grab his backpack and coat

7:20-Wondering why oldest hasn't gotten ready to walk out the door

7:32- Finally in the car and driving to in-laws,who watch the boys. They live two minutes away.

7:45-Arrive at school. Begin putting morning work papers on student desks, write daily schedule and learning targets on the board, check that I have everything ready for today's lessons.

8:20-Open the door for students. They begin morning work.

8:40 Specialist (PE/Music/Library). I make copies. Prep experiment materials for the week. Cut paper. Make Bulletin boards. Have a Diet Dr. Pepper (early I know-but it's my morning cup of coffee)

9:10-Check morning work. Work Word (Introduce new Root Word) Students read about Amazing Americans (their choice of book). They record it in their log and write a reader's response. May have a guided reading group during this time.

10:20-Colonial Boston Storypath or Writer's Workshop

11:20-Students have 30 min. recess and I get lunch. Except students are in to complete work so I discreetly eat a peanut butter banana sandwich and drink a diet soda. Students leave 5 minutes before my lunch is over. I try to fit a restroom break in.

11:50- I pick up the students from outside the cafeteria. We walk back to the classroom with lunch in hand. They need to eat lunch in the classroom since we don't have space at our school. This is instructional time so I normally do a read-aloud (science or math based) or the GLAD Big Book for whatever unit we are on at the moment (Landforms currently)

12:10 Students do daily math work (like morning work but math related since morning was literacy focused)

12:30 Science (observation, chants, experiments weekly, etc) Yes, I teach it most days!


2:05 Recess. Which I go to the computer lab to help students with IXL math work.

2:35 Students come back and we do end-of-day routine (partner read) or compliment ball.

2:50 Dismissal. After watching students leave on the bus I walk back to room. Adjust plan-book for what ever surprises the day has brought. Grade work and get supplies ready for the next day.

4:00 Leave the school (if lucky). Go and pick up my boys. Lots of hugs and hear all about Kindergartners day.

 5:00 Dinner (normally slow cooker or something prepped on the weekend).

6:00 Tuesday-parenting class, Wednesday-College Class, All other days I play with the boys, check my email, work on son's homework, put dishes away from dishwasher, clean up the multitude of toys and pots and pans strewn around the house, let the dogs go out about a twenty times,  keep the baby from climbing on the table or eating the dog food, change diapers, take garbage out, etc.

7:00  Skype with hubs/daddy since he is in Alaska working. Give boys quick bath. Read books with oldest- I read two and he reads one) Hugs and Kisses and lights out!

8:00 Watch a TV show. Feel guilty so plan and prep for students as I watch TV (cutting, pasting, creating quizzes or worksheets, do my own homework, blog, check Facebook and Pinterest, and clean the straggling toys on the floor.

9:45 Fall asleep in my chair.

11:00 Wake up in my chair. If I have second wind work on school prep until midnight. Normally the second wind never appears so I crawl into bed and fall asleep the second the head hits the pillow!


  1. Hello!!!! Welcome to blogging - I'm your newest follower. Found you over at the linky party. You are one busy, busy girl!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. You do some amazing things in your classroom! I love the idea of a root word a day. My 6th graders would benefit from that too!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher