For our 2012-2013 letter explaining homework this year please  
read here.

Homework Calendars:

-will be uploaded as they are made-

Math homework this year will be done mostly on IXL.com. If you need help remembering your password please contact me immediately. I want your child to get credit for all their hard work. 

 Students are expected to READ 60 minutes a week. They may read any form of literature that they want. However, we will be focusing on a genre every month. If students read ONE book from that genre-of-the month that would be great! In addition, if students read from the genre-of-the-month and read a total of 300 minutes in a month (that is a little more than the 60 minutes required) they can fill out a request form and be part of our Super Star Reader Luncheon! The lunch will be a special time where students can eat with me and we will discuss our books, the genre, and take pictures of them for display. They may even get a special treat!


August*:    Non-Fiction

September:  Multicultural Fiction

October:   Graphic Novel AND Fantasy Fiction

November:   Historical Fiction

December*:  Fairy Tales OR Folk Tales

January:   Biography

February:  Drama OR Play

March:  Mystery

April:   Realistic Fiction

May*:   Short Story

*Some months students won't be able to read 300 minutes due to holidays. I will say on homework calendars how many minutes will be required to be part of the Super Star Reader's Luncheon on these months.