Mastery Club

Mastery Club

This is a club for students who want to go "above and beyond" normal classroom expectations.  No student has to participate in the Mastery Club, but you may like the challenge of going the extra mile. I hope to never stop learning new things and my goal is to inspire students to feel the same way. To participate students just pick any question below, research it, and write the answer in the back of their metacognition journal. If you need help finding a place to research the question come and ask for some help. When the question is answered show me the journal and I will give you a star. The more stars you earn the higher "master" learner you will become. At the end of the year students will be rewarded for their level of mastery and will be on my Mastery Club Hall-of-Fame. 

Levels of Mastery

Bronze Member:   1-15 stars
Silver Member: 16-30 stars
Gold Member: 31-50 stars
Platinum Member: 51-75 stars
Diamond Member 76-100 stars

~scroll down to choose your challenge question~
Happy Researching!

       Social Studies:
  1. Name the 7  continents.
  2. Name 15 world countries.
  3. Name 15 major world cities.
  4. Major 15 types of dwellings
  5. Name 1o South American and Central American countries
  6. Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
  7. Name 10 countries in Europe.
  8. Name 10 countries in Africa.
  9. Name 10 major bodies of water.
  10. Name 10 major world rivers.
  11. Name 10 large deserts of the world.
  12. Name 10 large lakes in North America.
  13. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.
  14. Name 20 types of landforms.
  15. Name the 50 states.
  16. Write the names of the 50 states on a map.
  17. Name the state capitals.
  18. Name the 13 Colonies.
  19. Name 10 Native American tribes.
  20. Name 10 Oregon Trail landmarks.
  21. Label 10 of Alaska's boroughs on a map.
  22. Name the state symbols of Alaska.
  23. Name 8 explorers.
  24. Name 8 Civil War battlefields.
  25. Name 8 famous people from the Civil Rights Movement.
  26. Name 8 famous women in history and what they are famous for.
  27. Name what countries were involved with both World Wars.
  28. Sing the National Anthem.
  29. Name the 1st-10th presidents in order.
  30. Name the 11th-20th presidents in order.
  31. Name the 21st-30th presidents in order.
  32. Name the 31st- current presidents in order.                                                                         Science:
  33. Name 15 kinds of fish.
  34. Name 15 marine creatures.
  35. Name 15 mammals.
  36. Name 15 vertebrate animals.
  37. Name 15 desert animals.
  38. Name 10 butterflies.
  39. Name 10 reptiles.
  40. Name 10 animals that are endangered.
  41. Name 10 animals that live in Alaska.
  42. Name 10 dinosaurs.
  43. Name 10 types of birds.
  44. Name 10 rainforest birds or mammals.
  45. Name 10 deciduous trees.
  46. Name 1o rocks or minerals.
  47. Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols.
  48. Name 10 constellations.
  49. Name 10 organs of the human body.
  50. Name 8 types of clouds.
  51. Name  8 inventors and their inventions.
  52. Name 5 human body systems.
  53. Name the stages of the water cycle.
  54. Name the order of the colors in the rainbow.
  55. Label the major bones of the skeleton.
  56. Name the order of the planets in the solar system.
  57. Label all the parts of a plant.                                                                                                   Language Arts:
  58. Name 20 verbs.
  59. Name 20 adjectives.
  60. Name 15 adverbs.
  61. Name 15 prepositions.
  62. Name 10 common nouns & 10 proper nouns.
  63. Name 10 famous authors.
  64. Give 1 example of each of alliteration, personification, simile, metaphor, & onomatopoeia.
  65. Name 3 idioms.
  66. Count to 20 in Spanish.
  67. Count to 20 in French.
  68. Use sign language and "sign" the alphabet.
  69. Score 100% on the grade-level 100-word spelling test.
  70. Score 130 wpm on a 1-minute at-level fluency assessment.
  71. Memorize and recite a famous speech.
  72. Memorize and recite a poem.
  73. Type 30 wpm on a keyboard test.                                                                                                 Math:
  74. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet.
  75. Compute area of squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles.
  76. Name the perfect square numbers up to 225
  77. Write the Roman numerals up to 50.
  78. Name 5 famous mathematicians.
  79. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the multiplication basic facts test.
  80. Earn 100% in 4 minutes on the division basic facts test.
  81. List all the prime number between 1 and 100.                                                 Miscellaneous:
  82. List one career for each letter of the alphabet.
  83. List the birthstones for each month.
  84. Name 20 different modes of transportation.
  85. Name 15 breeds of horses.
  86. Name 15 breeds of dogs.
  87. Name 12 winter or summer Olympic events.
  88. Name 10 U.S. Corporations on the Fortune 500 list.
  89. Name 10 instruments in a marching bond.
  90. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra.
  91. Name 10 famous artist and a work of art they are famous for.
  92. Name 10 football teams and their cities.
  93. Name 10 basketball teams and their cities.
  94. Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.
  95. Name 10 hockey teams and their cities.
  96. Name 8 Nascar drivers.
  97. Name all the pieces of the chess board and how they are used.
  98. Learn to tie 3 knots and show me how you tie them.
  99. Watch a musical and tell me about it.
  100. Go to a museum and bring me a ticket stub.
(The idea of Mastery Clubs are all around the web and have been originated back to an amazing teacher in Redmond, OR. Check out Mrs. Renz's website for amazing ideas. Most teachers provide a website link to take the student straight to the answers, but I wanted them to try to figure it out on their own first. Perhaps they may even ask a librarian, open an almanac, or read an encyclopedia!)

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