Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a Snow Day

We don't get a lot of snow here in the Pacific Northwest, so when we do it is a BIG deal! Having lived in Alaska, and moving there later this year, it is laughable what we call a "snowstorm". I think my hubby said they have over 8 feet of snow this year and it is -5 degrees. Yikes! However, in in the Pacific Northwest I will get giddy over some snowflakes and get wrapped up in the excitement like the rest of us.

Today was a half day and since the district closed school I wonder if we will have to make up a full day or a half. Hmmm? It was starting to rain when we woke up so I got the boys dressed and we played in the snow before the sunrise. Last year I learned my lesson. I promised my son we would play later on in the morning (when I was properly awake), and then the snow melted. He was heartbroken! So now we have gotten snow fun out of our system and it is time to cuddle and get warm inside. Here are some pics of my snow day:
My baby enjoying the snow (for a short while at least)
My Boys
With the little one. Did I mention I wasn't fully awake yet and it was before sunrise!
Attempts at snowman building
With the oldest warming up with hot chocolate!
Students-if you happen to check the blog today. I would love to read a comment of what you did on your snow day! I will see you all tomorrow at school as we try to get rid of our snow madness!!!

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