Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nuts & Bolts for Students and Parents

To my amazing students, who are most likely looking for new posts, I forgot my camera at school! With the craziness on Friday and the excitement of the three day weekend my camera spaced my mind. I have some wonderful pictures of some students looking at our sand samples. I want to do a large post of all the work we have done on weathering, including our rock experiment. Until the new post you can read our two fabulous student posts. I also updated homework and important dates to the left.

To my supportive parents, thank you for the those that attended Colonial Night. It was such a joy to meet and talk with each of you. Also, I wanted to let you know that we are starting a large decimal unit. Your child already already know how to add and subtract decimals. However, this week we will look at converting fractions to decimals! Last week we worked on ordering and comparing (which they did great at). Rounding decimals to the nearest tenth was a little more difficult for them (another skill we worked on last week). One way to support this at home is have your child round to the nearest tenth if they go grocery shopping with you. This unit is what I will be videotaped for my schooling. Videotaping will happen for the next 2-3 weeks during math. If you haven't returned the permission slip please remember to do so. It is a new Washington State standard for all student teachers.
Look for more fun and creative posts next week-when I have my camera with me!

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