Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Look Back at Matter

I was really hoping to post about soil this weekend, but we didn't get to finish it on Friday. The class had a great time taking a closer look at soil samples. At first some people didn't want to get their hands dirty, but once some worms were found the true kids hidden inside came out. It was great to see and I wish I had pictures of it. We then put that same soil sample into jars with water. Layers started to appear after our 2 minute and 10 minute observations. We need to finish with our 24 hour observation (that has now turned into 72 hours). We will then see if the students can predict what each layer is. So look for a post on soil to come soon!

I thought since I could post about soil I will post about a previous science lesson-one on Matter! Earlier this year, Mrs. Judd had a sub so I got to come in and teach a lesson on Matter. I read some books to the class to teach them specifically how molecules act in solids, liquids, and gas. The first was a Max Axiom Graphic Novel (I love this science series-the graphics are so engaging) and a book from a Foss Kit. Then we went over some key vocabulary: matter, molecules, mass, volume, boiling point, melting point, condense, and evaporate. I typed these out to place on the bulletin board so they can be reminded of the terminology, along with a cycle of how the states of matter change.
There are some great Non-Fiction Graphic Novels out there. I love this series!
 Then came project time (Yay!): students made a tri-fold and labeled each column one of the three states of matter. Then under that they needed to write the definition of that particular state of matter. Under that they needed to draw a representation of that type of matter, in which they would glue Fruit Loops (are molecules) in that drawing the proper way they would act. For example, in the solid they may draw a box and the fruit loops would be tight together looking they are locked in place. For gas they may draw a balloon and inside fruit loops would be dispersed everywhere and spread out. Under the drawing they had to list a minimum of three examples of each type of matter. When they were done I put their finished product on a bulletin board. I am really proud of how it turned out and the level of engagment from the students. Extra bonus they got to snack on the leftover Fruit Loops.

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