Sunday, March 4, 2012

Types of Energy

In 5th grade the standard is that students need to know about the five major types of energy: kinetic, heat (thermal), sound, light, and electricity. Mrs. Judd had introduced the different types of energy during her systems unit at the beginning of the year. I wanted to have students a dig a little different. We read from this great book from Delta Science. I love how on each page the book highlights different types of reading strategies and questions that help them think about what they have learned. I hope I can find more in this series.
After we did some reading, each table group teams was assigned a different type of energy. The groups each made a poster and then it was their job to teach the rest of the class everything they learned about their energy. Just look how their posters turned out:
The Parallelograms had light energy-love their lightbulb that they named Edison
The Trapezoid's poster was on sound energy. We also played with a tuning fork!
The Isosceles learned and taught about thermal energy. Great fire!!!
The Rhombus group did both kinetic & potential energy. Loved using a full bus to demonstrate more kinetic energy because it has more mass!
The Equalateral's had electricity. They represented both current and static electricity.

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